Break the language, cultural and geographical barriers

In 2015, Upper Forest Hill Education was founded in the biggest city of Canada-Toronto, our mission is to "break the language, cultural and geographical barriers". Upper Forest Hill is the first Chinese language teaching organization partnered with Wuhan University. The school offers a full range of professional Chinese language courses for young children, adolescents, adults and business professionals. We only serve the Chinese language and teach Chinese cultural heritage. We hope more people learn the Chinese language, become more interested in China, contact with our decent cultural tradition, and finally promote Chinese national virtue around the world. 

Upper Forest Hill has now become the most popular private Chinese education institution in North York, Toronto, providing language learning, study tours abroad, intercultural exchange events, Translation and other services.

Upper Forest Hill education attracts an annual investment of about  $20000 that is dedicated to teaching research. Upper Forest Hill's R&D center in Shanghai gathers experts, researchers, experience teachers; this team works to make UFH a leading Chinese  learning system for the Chinese language.

From the Best University in China