Private Customized, Business Training

Upper Forest Hill pursues the perfection of every detail, because we only serve the discerning business.

Mode 1: Enterprise (Group) training

The internal training mode

We have been adhering to the
"customer demand oriented, tailored training program and according to the enterprise staff level and work requirements made according to the training content,ccording to participate in the training of the staff's English level and the number and placement of teaching,aiming at the demand of enterprise training, laun-ched select outstanding teachers on-site training mode.

The external form of training

Upper Forest Hill School District Center facilities,transportation facilities, to create the best learning environment for students,enterprises can organize students to the forest mountain learning center.

Curriculum advantage:

  1. to: according to the characteristics of the company's industry characteristics, training people and training to provide the most suitable teachers team, take the best training teaching way and teaching settings, make training truly "suit the remedy to the case".
  2. freedom: the time and place of the class is flexible and free, and the freedom of learning, the choice of the teachers and the teaching material. Fully from the perspective of students, to ensure that high quality training and not affect the work.
  3. cohesion: through role play, situational dialogue, outside the classroom, such as a variety of learning experience model, not only to strengthen communication between employees, and through these cooperation, competitive activities to enhance the team spirit, improve corporate cohesion.

Mode 2: VIP private custom

VIP private custom is the forest hill for the company's top leadership and the successful introduction of high-end personal training program. Personalized program, the high end of the service will enable you to obtain a respected customer experience.

Curriculum advantage:

  1. the flexibility is strong, the degree of freedom. VIP students can choose the specific time and place of the class according to their own time.
  2. forest hill for its tailored VIP students training program. With Chinese language teaching and students' experience in the field of Chinese teachers will be a tutor to give students the most detailed professional curriculum guide, the wonderful Chinese culture immersion interactive classroom with home, to ensure that the training effect of VIP students, so that our VIP students face more natural and unrestrained.