Chinese complex children's synchronization

 Children synchronizing with Chinese Culture 

The traditional teaching style prevents children fully commit into the classroom?

In order to ensure children learn language in an interesting way, we incorporate many different Chinese traditional cultural activities throughout our teaching, such as calligraphy, painting, musical instruments, Tai Chi ( a kind of traditional Chinese shadowboxing), and paper cutting. Thus, Children will experience and have some understanding of the Chinese traditional culture.  

The school is just to make money?

That is definitely NOT TRUE!

We have invited both famous domestic language professors and young teachers to participate in the curriculum design. We believe that the incorporation of the experienced teachers and young teachers will be able to develop a well rounded program with the conjunction of traditional and new ideas. It also allows the full set of tutorials have the accordance with the requirements of the domestic student’s grade level. We will also culture children to form good learning attitude and habits to learn which is crucial to the development of children. The small class teaching mode with a 1 to 7 teacher to student ratio, ensures each students get full attention with more guidance and help.  

Through studying at Upper Forest Hill, your child can

  1. Be proficient in using dictionary to learn and reinforce

  2. Easily write complete characters and articles 

  3. Form good learning habits and learning methods

  4. Understand the charm of traditional Chinese culture and virtue